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5 Fun And Unusual Water Activities

There are a number of water sports for all the water babies out there. Some quite exhilarating whereas the others fall under the low risk category. Either way, taking on a water sport will definitely add the thrill to holiday (if you’re on one). Here are a few thrilling water sports to experience at least once in a lifetime.
Surfing is something most of us have heard of, but that is so last season. The latest trend in the water world is skurfing which has taken surfing a notch higher by adding a risk element to the sport. You could rent out a boat at one of the boat clubs in UAE and attach a surfboard to the boat with a professional sailor on boat. Once the boat starts, get ready to experience a ride of a lifetime as you would have to balance your surfboard while being pulled at a speed of approximately 30mph.
Jet pack flying
This is the sport which brings all your dreams of starring in an adventure movie to life. This isn’t your mainstream water sport which is on the surface of the water, instead this sport adds an element of thrill by making you fly at least 2 metres above the water’s surface. It requires you to strap on a jetpack to your back while you propel back and forth to handle the movements, as you bounce over the water’s surface.
We’ve all heard of scuba diving or snorkelling, but snuba is something which we’ve rarely heard of. This sport is fairly new and is a combination of scuba diving and snorkelling. You can experience the mesmerizing underwater world without the added burden of carrying oxygen tanks like you would have to do in scuba diving. The oxygen supply comes through tubes which are connected to boats on the surface of the ocean thus making the experience safe and hassle free.
Barefoot water skiing
The concept of water skiing using skis may sound familiar. But skiing barefoot on water while being pulled by a rope attached to a powerboat is relatively new. Since the person is barefoot the ride is even more thrilling as it feels almost like you are flying on water due to the high speed. A water sports centre would offer this facility or allow you to rent or purchase used boats in UAE if you are professional enough to ensure safety measures.
Zorbing on water
If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it feels like to walk on water, then this is an activity which you must try. The sport involves the person locked inside a large inflatable ball while being harnessed to the shore or a boat. The individual has to attempt moving the ball in order to move forward. Although it will involve the person falling a number of times, it is definitely a fun sport to try out.
Water sports are always a fun way to spend your weekend or to experience while on a holiday. Either way, ensure that you are well-aware of the rules and regulations and that safety measures are taken before you begin, as these sports have a certain element of risk involved.