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The Way You Dress And Add Accessories Can Influence Your Own Self Esteem And Respected

“Cosmetic surgery” is one of the famous things that people are spending lakhs on. Funny enough, people are using toxins like botox in such kind of cosmetic surgeries. Confused? Why are even people wanting to get these cosmetic surgeries? These cosmetic surgeries are just a socially accepted killing method. People are doing this to be socially accepted and be socially wanted.

Consider a scenario where you find a girl with some abnormal fungal infection in her leg. Somehow you both met at a bar and after few drinks you are going to sleep together. Will you feel like doing it anymore after you see such ugly things on her legs?! You will not continue right. That is the problem. When you go to normal doctors, they schedule 10 to 20 doctor meetings where you will have to spend lots of money. In cosmetic surgeries, you get short cuts.

When you are wearing something really good on you, you will innate feel like you are a confident person. A recent study on office and working class females show that they feel determined and powerful when they are wearing heels. It might be just psychological but if it makes you feel better, then probably they will go for it.

But, fortunately or unfortunately, these things are not in closely in such a good synch with our environment. Most of the places gave marbles which are cleaned regularly by marble polishing company in Dubai.

When the marbles are repeatedly polished they are dangerous combination with heels. In most of the places, marbled and tiles are mopped on daily basis. When females wear heel and walk on wet marbles there is a high change of slipping and falling on the ground. This can lead to factures; internal bleeding or external bleeding and bone cracks. As funny as it sounds; many cases of bone fractures are due to slipping in bathrooms, public places and many more. It can be called a controversial fact but human are more attracted and driven towards killing, unhealthy and similar other factors.

For example, humans love racings and other sports with speed which can actually kill someone. They love fast food like burger and pizza. They love to wear high heels and tight dresses which doesn’t allow their pores to breath, which causes several diseases. The huge problem at debate are homosexuality and birth control pills. It is just the nature’s way of controlling the over populates places. After all, the psychologist Freud was right on the part where he said that humans have two libido or forces – the living or the sexual or aggressive libido and the other is the death drive.