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Ways In Keeping Your House Cool Without The Air Conditioner

Does your house ever feel like a furnace during the summer? and does the heat became unbearable sometimes? All of you can opt to considering to getting an air conditioner fixed but that is eventually going to cost a lot of money to install and maintain as well. You can hold all the air conditioner ideas, and adapt a few tips given below in order to cool your home in a rather cost effective manner.


Install thermometers both indoors and outdoors and keep monitoring the temperature for any type of fluctuations over the course of the day. Whenever you feel as if though the air outside is becoming cooler, open all the windows and doors in your home, while making sure necessary arrangements have been made to see that no bugs come into the house during this process. Also, all the furniture and curtain drapes need to be placed in a way they do not block or restrict any of the cool air flowing into the house, and if you have any skylights make sure they are opened up as well to let the heated air move out, as the cool air then gradually came in.


Air conditioners can be expensive to install and run, but even more expensive when it comes to AC repair, which is why you should consider investing in a ceiling fan or a table fan to provide you with a little bit of cool breeze. All types of fans, and not just one type can contribute to the cooling of your entire home. Fans usually cool the place that is in need of cooling rather than focusing on a broad area. The way fans work is that they pull cool air from the ground towards the ceiling, which eventually eliminates any hot air stagnating on top.


One would assume that cooling a house will cost a lot of money, be it installing an air conditioner or AC repair Dubai, and either way the change of simple things can make a huge difference. Merely closing in the drapes and not allowing any sunlight to stream through the windows can work enormously to keep as much heat as possible away from your home.


In order to reduce the amount of humidity in your home, you can resort to decreasing any type of washing of clothes done during the day. These tasks usually create a lot of heat, therefore make sure the ventilating fans are opened up to extract the hot air out of the house, while retaining the cold air. You can also turn off any type of heavy duty lights, this too will reduce immense amount of heat.

It is not always required to spend tons of money on certain things, where little changes in accomplishing tasks can make a huge difference in making a big thing out of nothing.