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Checklist: Tying The Knot In A Foreign Country

If you are bored with the locations in your own country, why not have the wedding elsewhere? In this day and age, it is not that difficult to find a suitable country and venue over the internet. Here is a checklist of things you need to be concerned about if you decide to take the plunge somewhere other than on home turf.
Deciding the Location
This is the most difficult part. Think about ease of access, language barriers, documentation issues (or lack thereof) and the overall aesthetic. The couple needs to be on the same page about where they want to go. If you are thinking sunny and bring, plan of getting married in Gibraltar, the Greek Islands or in the tropics might be a good idea. All of the above countries and regions have plenty of places that would do for your big day.
Sort Out the Legalities
Before you decide on this for sure, remember to sort out the legal matters in your own countries. Some countries do not accept foreign marriages as legally binding unless the registration was conducted on home soil first. Some are more lenient and allow deputized embassy officials to conduct marriages and then sign the paperwork. Still others allow couples to have a ceremony outside and then legalize it with a simple form once they get back home. Some of the best destination weddings location have had to be cancelled because they were ineffective in court so please sort things out first.
Finding a Venue
The easiest thing to do is to go on the internet and seek out a planning agency that handles foreign guests on a regular basis. This could be one located in your own country, or one located in the foreign country you are planning to go to. Either way, clear communication is the key; make sure that all the details are correct by constantly emailing back and forth. Remember that you will not be able to view the venue or any of the other details in person, so find a service that is open to sending you tons of pictures throughout the planning process.
Be Medically Safe
Take care of your vaccinations and other medication before you take flight. Certain countries have certain medical specifications such as getting inoculated against diseases, taking malaria pills etc. Also check weather conditions before you go; if you are allergic to pollen either move the big day to after spring or take anti-allergen medication with you. Even if you only go for a couple of days, take travel insurance and/or health insurance with you so that you have guaranteed medical care just in case you fall sick – worse things have happened.

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