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Health Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening has become a lost hobby nowadays. In cities, people often live in apartments or in very small plots which hardly has a garden. However, gardening has been a great exercise for ages and will remain to be the same. It gives your body a full workout and will also develop your mental health. So here are a few health benefits you would experience if you do gardening.

1. Great physical workout

No matter what age you are in, gardening will give your body a great boost with a lot of physical activity. It will strengthen your bones, muscles and joints, improves balance and hence prevents falls among older adults, gives you the strength to do your daily activities, decreases obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis etc. Unlike other physical exercises like cycling or jogging which mainly focuses on one part of the body, gardening gives your entire body a great workout. So, let go of the idea of contacting a landscaping company in Dubai and get gardening now.

2. Nutrition

Why buy vegetables from the market? If you have grown your own vegetables and fruits, you need not buy unhealthy items from the market which have been grown using chemicals and other harmful substances. Here, you have the liberty to choose all natural fertilizers and pesticides and hence you can be sure of the quality of your harvest. Also, eating your own vegetables and fruits would make you eat more of it.

3. Get relaxed

Gardening as a matter of fact is a great stress reliever. It reduces the level of cortisol which is the stress hormone. With the fast moving world, you may not have time to take long nature walks. A few minutes in your garden would help you connect with nature. It does not mean you need to dig and rake everyday. A few minutes taken to water the plants itself will get you relaxed. Hence remove those sprinklers installed by landscaping companies and water the plants yourself.

4. Gives your brain a workout

Studies show that gardening can actually make you smart. While you are involving in physical activity, even your brain is getting a good workout. Planning the layout of the garden, researching on different kinds of plants, searching for new techniques that would help plants grow faster etc. will give your brain a good exercise. This will improve your decision making skills, problem solving skills and creativity.

5. Get connected

Gardening is a hobby that could be passed down for generations. Why not teach your grandkids the beauty of gardening? You could get your whole family together and engage in gardening so that you could spend some quality time and bond.

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